New Research Center in Computational Science at JGU

The Mainz Institute for Multiscale Modeling (M3ODEL) has been inaugurated! It is one of five new top-level research areas funded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate to enhance the research profile of the Johannes Gutenberg-University (see the press release, there is also a poster). The purpose of M3ODEL is to bring together experts from such different areas as physics, chemistry, molecular biology, applied mathematics, and computer science who have one common vision: To develop robust, efficient, and reliable computational models for simulating processes and quantitatively predicting properties that emerge through the interplay of multiple scales.

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BINARY Partner started in March 2020

The project Big Data in Atmospheric Physics (BINARY) will tackle relevant scientific questions in atmospheric physics applying modern machine learning techniques.

BINARY officially started on March 2020 and has held regular activities ever since, such as a monthly seminar and an autumn school. The plans for 2021 include an annual meeting in March, in which PhD candidates will present their research progress, and a mini-workshop on Differential Equations for Machine Learning, most likely in late spring/early summer.

You can visit BINARY's website to learn more at

Dies Legendi Lecture by Evangelos Moulas

The M3ODEL PI Evangelos Moulas will soon give his introductory lecture Dies Legendi as Junior Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Geography and Geosciences.

His talk is called “The multiscale character of metamorphic processes” and will take place on Monday October 19th at 10:45.

You can find the full schedule and information on how to log in here.


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ECHELON is granted funding by the Carl Zeiss Foundation!

We are pleased to announce that the Carl Zeiss Foundation just granted funding to ECHELON, a project led by Prof. Siegfried Waldvogel. At the core of ECHELON is the idea to convert biomass to high-grade chemicals useful for the pharmaceutical or paper industry, for example, through an environmentally friendly process. To have a full understanding of this process at all levels (i.e., experimental and theoretical), researchers will combine quantum chemistry with multiscale modeling, therefore strengthening the connection between the teams of SusUnnoScience and M3ODEL, two of the top-level research areas of JGU.

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