Hendrik Ranocha gives his Antrittsvorlesung

M3ODEL PI Prof. Dr. Hendrik Ranocha will give his Antrittsvorlesung soon. It is a public event to which you are cordially invited to attend.

Title: "Numerische Mathematik"
Date: Thursday May 2nd, 2024
Time: 16 hs.
Place: Hörsaal Audi Max, Alte Mensa, Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 5

Check the flyer here.

Workshop: Numerical Modelling of Chemical Diffusion in Petrology and Geochemistry, March 2024

Following the successful workshop of October 2023, Professor E. Moulas from the Institute for Geosciences offers a workshop on modeling chemical diffusion with applications to problems in geochemistry. It will take place from 11 to 15 of March 2024 in the Inst. for Geosciences, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz.

Over the past years, the development of computers and analytical equipment has made inverse diffusion modelling a very important tool in Geosciences. In this workshop, the participants will learn to develop numerical codes “from scratch” in order to solve diffusion problems for petrological applications. The overall schedule of the course is as follows:

1) Introduction to diffusion problems - analytical solutions and simple numerical implementations.

2) Introduction to time-transformation techniques - applications of Geospeedometry and Diffusion Chronometry.

3) Introduction to the Finite Element Method in 1-D.

4) Diffusion Couples and the application to Geospeedometry.

5) Non-linear (concentration dependent) and/or (depending on time) Multicomponent Solution implementations.

During the 5 days of the workshop the participants will develop their own diffusion codes that could be used in answering real-research questions. The participants will also learn how to benchmark their codes using available analytical solutions.

The registration fee is 80EUR per person.Members of the Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft (DMG) receive a 50% discount.

For more information, please contact Evangelos Moulas or check the website.

Participants of the October 2023 Workshop

Joint M3ODEL, BINARY & Emergent AI Meeting, Oct. 9–11 2023

The annual meeting of M3ODEL PIs this year will be a larger one, organized together with the PIs of BINARY and Emergent AI. The program will include the presentation of proposed joint, interdisciplinary projects, which are supposed to start beginning of the next funding cycle (Jan. 2024).
The joint projects will differ from those of the first cycle; the new ones will last no more than to 2 years, and the work will be suitable for post-docs. That means that we will be able to fund more, smaller projects.
The meeting will be in person at the campus of the JGU. More information will come soon:

Date: Monday - Wednesday, late September or early October
Time: all day
Place: HIM Helmholtz Institute Mainz, Conference Room I-III

PI Meeting, May 5 2023

The next PI meeting will be held on May 5th.
The goal is start planning the projects that will be funded for the second cycle of M3ODEL, beginning in 2024. These projects will also be interdisciplinary, but are meant to last no more than to 2 years, and the work will be suitable for post-docs. That means that we will be able to fund more, smaller projects.

To encourage exchange and discussions, so that potential ideas become suitable projects, we will organize this PI meeting exclusively in presence. Please, save the date and location:

Date: Friday, 5. May
Time: 10–16 hs.
Place: Staudinger Saal, MPI-P, Ackermannweg 10

Tanja Weil presents the C3BioMat Initiative

Tanja Weil, head of the Synthesis of Macromolecules group and director at the MPI-P, will give a special talk to introduce the project she is submitting as an excellence cluster, called “Communicating Biomaterials: Convergence Center for Life-like Soft and Biological Systems (C3BioMat)”, to all M3ODEL members.
Please join us for this interesting event. The information is below.

Date: Monday March 20th
Time: 10:00 hs.
Place: Room 1.003/1.004, MPI-P, Ackermannweg 10

Meeting at Wasem Kloster, 2021

On Friday Sept. 17th, we held our annual team meeting at Wasem Kloster Engelthal, Ingelheim.
PhD students presented an update on their joint projects. The program also included two research talks, one by Maria Lukacova and the other by Thibault Duretz, the recently appointed Professor of Geodynamics in Frankfurt. A total of 21 people attended the meeting, with 5 additional that participated remotely.
At the end of the meeting, there was the re-election of the members of the Steering Committee, with the addition of Lukas Stelzl.

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PI Meeting at Kloster Wasem

We held the PI annual meeting on Monday August 31, 2020 at the Kloster Wasem in Ingelheim.

The schedule included the presentation of the new PI and of the PhD joint projects. Some PIs participated remotely.

Prof. Siegfried Waldvogel also participated as a special speaker and shared his experience as a leader of interdisciplinary projects like SusInno Science.


Group picture in the times of Covid


Spring School on Soft Matter Characterization

From February 17-20 there will be a school on new experimental approaches in soft matter characterization – state of the art high-resolution imaging techniques and scattering experiments developed and used on JGU campus. See the flyer.

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Kickoff Meeting at the Ebernburg Castle

M3ODEL held its first meeting at Ebernburg Castle, Bad Münster am Stein, on August 20-21, 2019.

All participating faculty met to discuss about current topics and challenges in their respective fields. Discussions helped shape potential collaborative projects for the PhD Program.

Meeting ProgramLocation

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