Joint M3ODEL, BINARY & Emergent AI Meeting, Oct. 9–11 2023

The annual meeting of M3ODEL PIs this year will be a larger one, organized together with the PIs of BINARY and Emergent AI. The program will include the presentation of proposed joint, interdisciplinary projects, which are supposed to start beginning of the next funding cycle (Jan. 2024).
The joint projects will differ from those of the first cycle; the new ones will last no more than to 2 years, and the work will be suitable for post-docs. That means that we will be able to fund more, smaller projects.
The meeting will be in person at the campus of the JGU. More information will come soon:

Date: Monday - Wednesday, late September or early October
Time: all day
Place: HIM Helmholtz Institute Mainz, Conference Room I-III