Opportunities & Resources

M3ODEL offers several opportunities to strengthen your profile by working in cutting-edge research topics on multiscale modeling through a combined approach of computational skills with experiments and observations of natural phenomena.

Julia User Group

Julia is a relatively new programming language, especially designed for high performance and commonly used for numerical analysis and computer sciences. The Julia community at JGU Mainz has grown in the past few years and users can come together to the platform Julia Work Group to learn, discuss, contribute, and exchange knowledge on its capabilities.

Junior Group Leader

We invite young and motivated researchers at the post-doctoral level to apply as Jr. Group Leader. We offer you a platform to grow and become more academically independent. As Jr. Group Leader, you will have the chance to participate as lecturer in the M3ODEL Lunch Talks. We will also support you financially if you would like to organize interdisciplinary workshops.

To apply, send us a motivation letter and your CV.

Junior Fellowship

We invite students, post-docs, and young researchers to apply for funding to travel abroad or for external researchers to come to Mainz and work with a host in an interdisciplinary project. Applicants need to submit a CV and a proposal specifying the funding purpose and budget requested.

You will find more information here.

“M3ODEL Excellence in Interdisciplinary Work” Award

This award will be given to students of the Johannes Gutenberg University or partner institutes of the Max Planck Institute, who author exceptional research as part of their PhD thesis. A requirement is to work on an interdisciplinary project and has submitted recently the PhD thesis or is getting ready to defend.

To apply for this award, please submit a letter stating how the research fits the M3ODEL scope, accompanied by a CV of the candidate.

Opportunities for Students

We invite motivated applicants to our internship program, our PhD program, and the Computational Sciences program, which is at the masters level.

All students are also invited to participate in the M3ODEL Lunch Talks Series.