M3ODEL Lunch Talks

M3ODEL Lunch Talks

These series of lectures take place bi-weekly and are given by either a single PI or by a group, who will present a topic/method over the course of 1 seminar or several.

The room is reserved during the winter semester and until the beginning of the summer semester, with a couple of exceptions, which will be announced with time. The room for the summer semester is not yet confirmed.
We invite all M3ODEL PIs and students to participate, but we extend participation to their groups and also to the other SFBs & partner initiatives.
You are welcome to bring your own lunch. We will provide some snacks.


Thursdays 12–14 hs. every 2 weeks, starting on November 23rd


Seminarraum SR 1, Kernphysik – Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 45, JGU Campus

From 25. April 2023 on, new room:

Seminarraum SR Bibliothek 00 462, NatFak Building 1341, Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 21, JGU Campus


Basic introduction; setting up the problem
Approach, solving the problem
Exercises + homework
Background literature (book, publication, etc.)

Preliminary Topics:

  • Machine Learning Methods by Michael Wand (starting on November 23rd)
  • Continuum systems/models/simulations, by the team Friederike, Kostas, Jasper, Hendrik
  • Biophysics/-informatics by Susanne Gerber
  • Multiphase chemistry / chemical kinetics at interfaces / solving real world problems with ODEs by Thomas Berkemeier
  • Asymptotic analysis by Peter Spichtinger

Further suggestions are welcome!


23 November: Machine Learning Methods – Michael Wand
07 December: Machine Learning Methods – Michael Wand
21 December: no seminar
18 January: no seminar due to severe weather
01 February: Asymptotic analysis, Part 1: Introduction – Peter Spichtinger
15 February: Asymptotic analysis, Part 2: Applications – Peter Spichtinger
29 February: Canceled
14 March: Organizational Meeting
28 March: Continuum Models – Hendrik Ranocha
11 April: Continuum Models – Kostas Daoulas
25 April: Continuum Models – Friederike Schmid –– NEW ROOM! SR Bibliothek 00 462, NatFak Building 1341
02 May: no seminar – Antrittsvorlesung Hendrik Ranocha at Alte Mensa, 16h
16 May: Pseudo-transient Iterations in coupled non-linear problems – Evangelos Moulas
13 June: Thomas Berkemeier
27 June: Thomas Berkemeier
11 July: TBA
- Summer Break: no Lunch Talks
29. August: TBA
12. September:
26. September:
10. October:
NEW ROOM! Senatssaal 07-232, NatFak Building
24. October: Asymptotic preserving finite volume methods for atmospheric flows – Maria Lukacova
07. November:
21. November:
05. December:
19. December:
16. January:
30. January:
Summer Semester
17. April:
1. May: free, Labor Day
15. May:
29. May: free, Ascension Day
12. June:
26. June:
10. July:


Please, fill the form below to register to a particular talk. That way, we can estimate how many people to expect.