Valentin Churavy presents "Making dynamic program programs run fast" at the Numerics Seminar, 21.12.2023

M3ODEL is happy to announce that the Numerics Seminar will host Valentin Churavy, MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Valenting is an active member of the Julia Lab, which focuses on theoretical and numerical aspects of the core Julia language, base library, and several other packages.
The seminar will take place at 17 hs. on Thursday December 21st, Hilbertraum 05-432, Staudingerweg 9, JGU Mainz.

TRR146/IRTG Lecture by Lukas Stelzl

Dr. Lukas Stelzl recently joined M3ODEL and the Institute of Physics at JGU. He will give a research seminar talk as part of the TRR146/IRTG Lecture series. 

Title: From atomic-resolution ensembles of disordered proteins to simulations of their biomolecular condensates

Time: Friday 30.10.2020, 10:30, Digital meeting via Zoom

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Seminar: Simulation of ground motion and synthetic seismograms. The 1908 Messina earthquake

Tuesday 21.04.2020@16:15
Senatssaal 07-232, Becher-Weg 21

José M. Carcione (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, Trieste, Italy)

We propose a seismic-modeling methodology to model ground motion caused by earthquakes. The algorithm is a full-wave solver based on the Fourier and Chebyshev method to compute the spatial derivatives. The seismograms are simulated by kinematic faulting and involve a 3D simulator including surface and body waves and intrinsic attenuation. As an example, we simulate the 1908 Messina earthquake, computing the accelerations at the coasts of Sicily and Calabria.

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Special seminar: Research data management and data archiving at ZDV/JGU with iRODS

Thursday 24.10.2019@10:15
Newtonraum 01-122, Staudingerweg 9

The presentation consists of two parts, a theoretical introduction to research data management (RDM), FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and the possibilities offered by ZDV/JGU and third party repositories (~45 min).

The second part will be a hands-on session or simply a demonstration of "Archiving (and publishing) with iRODS from MOGON I/II". Those who want to actively participate should bring a laptop from which they can access MOGON I or II via SSH (so you must have an account on MOGON). The required software is already installed on the login nodes of the cluster. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory to participate interactively, you can also simply watch, listen and comment. (~45min)
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