Simon Boisserée is engaged in a project under the joint supervision of Markus Bachmayr and Evangelos Moulas, combining tools and concepts from mathematics and geosciences to solve uncertain nonlinearities in ground-water flow models.

Arya Changiarath works with Lukas Stelzl and Friederike Schmid in a project to understand specific regulation by disordered biomolecules and liquid-liquid phase separation by multi-scale simulations, combining biology and physics.

Mariane Gonçalves joined from Brazil to work with Miguel Andrade and Friederike Schmid, in a joint project that combines biology and physics.

Simon Schneider works on uncertainty quantification combining tools from mathematics, informatics and atmospheric sciences, supervised by Maria Lukácová, Michael Wand and Peter Spichtinger.

Stanislav Sys is working with Susanne Gerber and Karin Everschor-Sitte in a joint project between the Computational Systems/Genetics Group and Physics.

Yi Zhang joined M3ODEL with a MSc from RWTH Aachen University to work with Luca De Siena, Markus Bachmayr and Lisa Hartung in a joint Geosciences – Mathematics project.


Simon Lemcke is currently working with Thomas Speck and Michael Wand within the Emergent AI Center.

Georg Reuber combines geodynamics and mathematical inverse modeling in a collaboration between Boris Kaus and Martin Hancke-Bourgeois.

Oskar Kottwitz works with Boris Kaus on fluid flow in fractured and porous rocks, for which he applies different mathematical concepts to model flow at multiple scales.

Lucas Grulich uses a combination of techniques in statistical data analysis (e.g. PCA and neural networks) for the development of a hybrid method for classification of ice crystals in clouds from shadow images. He is currently working with Peter Spichtinger and Andreas Hildebrandt.