Mariane Gonçalves joined from Brazil to work with Miguel Andrade and Friederike Schmid, in a joint project that combines biology and physics.

Stanislav Sys is working with Susanne Gerber and Karin Everschor-Sitte in a joint project between the Computational Systems/Genetics Group and Physics.

Yi Zhang joined M3ODEL with a MSc from RWTH Aachen University to work with Luca De Siena, Markus Bachmayr and Lisa Hartung in a joint Geosciences – Mathematics project.


Simon Lemcke is currently working with Thomas Speck and Michael Wand within the Emergent AI Center.

Georg Reuber combines geodynamics and mathematical inverse modeling in a collaboration between Boris Kaus and Martin Hancke-Bourgeois.

Oskar Kottwitz works with Boris Kaus on fluid flow in fractured and porous rocks, for which he applies different mathematical concepts to model flow at multiple scales.

Lucas Grulich uses a combination of techniques in statistical data analysis (e.g. PCA and neural networks) for the development of a hybrid method for classification of ice crystals in clouds from shadow images. He is currently working with Peter Spichtinger and Andreas Hildebrandt.