PhD Program

M3ODEL offers PhD candidates to work on joint projects, co-directed by at least 2 professors or PIs from different fields. Projects are interdisciplinary and combine data from experiments or observations with theoretical and mathematical formulations and with numerical simulations to produce comprehensive quantitative models.

We are currently looking for a PhD candidate to work on a joint project combining computational sciences and geology. Please check the advertisement here.

Funded projects of the first cycle (2020–2024)

We funded 6 projects in 2020. Please click the link to read more about each project.

TitleParticipating PIsFields
Using grammars to analyze the relation between protein folding and sequence in low complexity regionsAndrade M, Schmid FBiology, Physics
Understanding specific regulation by disordered biomolecules and liquid-liquid phase separation by multi-scale simulationsStelz L, Schmid FBiophysics, Physics
Uncertain Nonlinearities in Groundwater Flow ModelsBachmayr M, Moulas E, Kaus B, Popov AMathematics, Geosciences
Radiative transfer and Bayesian inversion: application to modelling and imaging using stochastic seismic wavefieldsDe Siena L, Bachmayr M, Hartung L, Baumann TGeosciences, Mathematics
Chiral structures across scalesGerber S, Everschor-Sitte KBiology, Physics
Uncertainty Quantification by means of Generative NetworksLukácová M, Spichtinger P, Wand MMathematics, Atmospheric Physics, Informatics

Previously advertised projects

TitleParticipating PIsFields
Numerical methods for Boltzmann-type equations in cloud and aerosol modelsBachmayr M, Spichtinger PMathematics, Atmospheric Physics
Model Uncertainties in Diffusion GeospeedometryMoulas E, Bachmayr MGeosciences, Mathematics
Mechanical effects during the exsolution in mineralsMoulas E, Lukácová MGeosciences, Mathematics
Mineral equilibria in the presence of non-hydrostatic stressesMoulas E, Speck T, Kaus BGeosciences, Physics
Development of an effective field theory for mixed-phase cloudsSchmid F, Spichtinger PPhysics, Atmospheric Physics
Molecular dynamics investigations of the nucleation of iceSpichtinger P, Speck TAtmospheric Physics, Physics
Computational approaches for aerosol/mineral composition based on non-Equilibrium ThermodynamicsTost H, Moulas E, Kaus B, Brinkmann AAtmospheric Physics, Geosciences, Informatics